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Deborah Beams

083: Jeopardy Winner & CPA – Deborah Beams!

In this episode of Life In Accounting: The Where Accountants Go podcast,  we follow Deborah Beams, CPA through her professional journey from job shadowing with Kathy Kapka, to being a practice fellow, to being a two-time winner on the game show Jeopardy!! The Variety of Audit Deborah has always specialized in audit. She enjoys and has learned a great deal by going into the field to visit clients, which allows her to see what different companies are like. Auditors get to observe many different corporate environments and cultures. Her inventory stories are priceless! From diapers to slot machines to frozen goods, she’s counted them all! Jeopardy! The process for qualifying for the game show “Jeopardy” begins with an online test. Based on your score, you will be invited to then audition. The audition consists of another written test and a practice game where you show off your sparkling personality. Deborah had to get through five auditions in order to land a spot on the show. To be successful, you must be smart, charismatic, and to be honest... a little bit lucky. Some non-disclosure agreements are required by the game show as well as you would expect. You can tell friends that you will be on Jeopardy, and you can tell them the date of your initial game, but you absolutely cannot discuss your level of success on the show.  It’s important to the producers of Jeopardy that the final results are kept secret until the show has a chance to air. Being on Jeopardy was the fulfillment of one of Deborah’s life-long dreams. It’s really a great story… and she won twice! (Other podcasts mentioned in this interview: 015: TSCPA Chair Kathy Kapka – Finding What You Truly Enjoy.) To listen in on this interview with Deborah Beams, please use the player below:

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Fred Olivares

082: Solving Crimes and Other CPA Superhero Topics with Fred Olivares, CPA

In this episode of Life In Accounting: The Where Accountants Go podcast,  Fred Olivares, CPA started his career in a rather traditional way. He began his career in Internal Auditing, and in Fred’s case, he was employed by a bank. After hearing an FBI Agent speak though, Fred began some career-based soul searching. Was there more to his career than auditing?? Maybe…. Special Agent – Special Requirements Fred decided to apply with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the FBI. That sounded exciting and he met all the eligibility qualifications. College degree from an accredited university United States citizen Three years of work experience No history of drug use Be able to obtain Top Secret Clearance – this clearance is extensive. Your neighbors, friends, and family will all be interviewed. Once you meet those, you must: Pass the written examination Pass the panel interview The total process can take up to approximately one year. FBI Work – TV Worthy Because Fred was a CPA, he was assigned to the white-collar squad. The FBI has several different squads, and CPAs may work on many different investigations. For example, the bombings that took place in Austin in early 2018 - all agents worked on that case. Fred started in bank fraud with the FBI. This taught him how cases flow through the system. It also taught him how to interview people. He then worked on high-profile and other public corruption cases in San Diego. In McAllen, he worked border corruption and health care fraud. In San Antonio, he worked public corruption cases as well. For Fred, the challenges were new every morning and it allowed him to develop many friendships. Want to hear about some of Fred’s true crime cases? Please listen in on this week’s audio interview with Fred Olivares. To listen in on this interview with Fred Olivares, please use the player below:

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