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Mike Goodfriend

088: Teamwork Sharks, Performance Improvement, and Accounting – a Fascinating Conversation with Mike Goodfriend

In this episode of Life In Accounting: The Where Accountants Go podcast, we speak with Mike Goodfriend, the founder of Goodfriend & Associates in Houston, Texas. From Audit to HR Mike was a Senior Auditor with PwC (he had some great assignments!) when he had the opportunity to conduct a training class for the audit team. While he enjoyed auditing, this class lead him to the realization that he wanted to explore some other options. He returned to school to pursue a Masters in Educational Psychology and while there started a consulting business as well. The first year in that consulting business had its challenges, so when the opportunity to return to PwC in the HR department this time presented itself, he decided to return. Goodfriend & Associates In the late 1980’s, with much more business experience at this point, Mike founded his present consulting firm – Goodfriend & Associates. He works with clients basically as a ‘teamwork engineer’ to maximize their teamwork systems and their business results. This includes training to align roles and responsibilities, and leading teambuilding activities. He uses the Birkman method to facilitate these sessions. Mike also coaches leaders and provides leadership and communication skills training. Leadership technology is ever-changing, and Mike can help organizations navigate those changes. Some of the topics he assists clients in understanding are data analytics, platform disruption, building trust, how to accept others, human factors, and process automation. Another interesting tidbit that came from this interview was the discussion of “Teamwork Sharks”. Teamwork Sharks is a fun activity that help teams learn how to communicate, plan, and discuss business opportunities. You can learn more about Team Sharks here. Mike also has published a book as well - Breakthrough Time. This book will teach you how to advance your business using the same practices demonstrated in this lesson-filled novel about a client that is commercializing a revolutionary technology. Lesson learned: People will only change if they have a strong enough reason to change.   You can learn even more about Mike Goodfriend and his consulting business here. Other podcasts mentioned: Donny Shimamoto CPA – Tech, BI, AI, & Public Speaking! To listen in on this interview with Mike Goodfriend, please use the player below:

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Isai Sapien

087: Have the Courage to Take a Risk – A Conversation with Isai Sapien, CPA

In this episode of Life In Accounting: The Where Accountants Go podcast,  we speak with Isai Sapien, CPA and Chief Financial Officer of Brighton Center – San Antonio. In this fascinating and insightful interview, you will hear how Isai transitioned from a machinist, to a consultant, to a retail owner, to CFO with a large not-for-profit. The True (and Surprising) World of Not-for-Profits While no one will be surprised that it feels good to work with like-minded, passionate people driven to achieve the same goal, and no one will be surprised that for some people an organization’s mission is reason enough to work there, what you may find surprising is the climate of today’s not-for-profit world. For example, at a not-for-profit you likely will need to wear many hats. There is also a true need for talented people who want to have an environment where they can continue to be challenged and continue to learn. Another thing that you might find surprising is that many not-for-profits pay very competitive wages these days!  Things have changed and changed for the better. If you are interested in a career with a not-for-profit, the easiest way to explore one is to volunteer. It is a great way to see what the organization does. You can volunteer in a variety of ways. There are special events and projects, and with enough experience you can even volunteer to be on the board. Three Final Pieces of Advice If you want to open up your career in general, consider these three tips: - Get a mentor or a coach to help you stay focused. - Get your CPA certification. - Get better at public speaking. Consider attending a Toastmasters meeting. It’s important to love what you do! Learn more about Brighton Center – San Antonio here. To listen in on this interview with Isai Sapien, please use the player below:

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