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Isai Sapien

087: Have the Courage to Take a Risk – A Conversation with Isai Sapien, CPA

In this episode of Life In Accounting: The Where Accountants Go podcast,  we speak with Isai Sapien, CPA and Chief Financial Officer of Brighton Center – San Antonio. In this fascinating and insightful interview, you will hear how Isai transitioned from a machinist, to a consultant, to a retail owner, to CFO with a large not-for-profit. The True (and Surprising) World of Not-for-Profits While no one will be surprised that it feels good to work with like-minded, passionate people driven to achieve the same goal, and no one will be surprised that for some people an organization’s mission is reason enough to work there, what you may find surprising is the climate of today’s not-for-profit world. For example, at a not-for-profit you likely will need to wear many hats. There is also a true need for talented people who want to have an environment where they can continue to be challenged and continue to learn. Another thing that you might find surprising is that many not-for-profits pay very competitive wages these days!  Things have changed and changed for the better. If you are interested in a career with a not-for-profit, the easiest way to explore one is to volunteer. It is a great way to see what the organization does. You can volunteer in a variety of ways. There are special events and projects, and with enough experience you can even volunteer to be on the board. Three Final Pieces of Advice If you want to open up your career in general, consider these three tips: - Get a mentor or a coach to help you stay focused. - Get your CPA certification. - Get better at public speaking. Consider attending a Toastmasters meeting. It’s important to love what you do! Learn more about Brighton Center – San Antonio here. To listen in on this interview with Isai Sapien, please use the player below:

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Roderick Robeson

086: Building a Business by Serving – Roderick Robeson’s Tips for Business Creation

In this episode of Life In Accounting: The Where Accountants Go podcast, we speak with Roderick Robeson, CPA, who shares how his unique customer service style guides him and drives success in his business. Advice Given and Advice Received Roderick has both received and given some great advice along his career journey. Some of our favorites from this podcast episode include:  - When selecting a position and company (employer), give great consideration towards the culture and find one that will complement your own personality and workstyle.  - Apply for positions with the Big Four. The experience that you gain is invaluable.  - Learn everywhere you go.  - Always be on the lookout for best practices.   Creating a Practice Creating a practice provides a unique opportunity to implement the best practices you’ve learned over time. With these in mind, you will want to begin by making a plan. Planning is obviously a crucial part of starting any business if it is ultimately going to be successful. Creating revenue quickly was specifically a priority for Roderick when starting his practice (as it is for many entrepreneurs), so one of his top priorities was developing his client base. One of the customer service secrets he shares in this episode is that he treats all his customers the way he would treat his Dad, and he also endeavors to make them feel as if they were his only customer. Another tip is to craft a client journey map.  Please make sure you listen to his explanation behind this recommendation. It’s truly very forward thinking. Roderick’s approach to customer service has served him well. He benefits from a having a very high percentage of those clients continue to return year-after-year for ongoing services. He’s definitely doing well on the journey of building a practice that both serves his clients exceptionally well, in addition to providing the lifestyle he ultimately is looking for down the road.   Other podcasts mentioned today: Sarah Elliott, CPA, ACC – Daring to Dream To listen in on this interview with Roderick Robeson, please use the player below:

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