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Roger Philipp

096: Roger Philipp CPA – Yes, Roger from Roger CPA Review!

Roger Philipp CPA, the founder of Roger CPA Review, joined us for this week’s episode of Life In Accounting, a podcast production of From CPA to Instructor Just as with all episodes, we start at the beginning of the story and actually the beginning of Roger’s career sounds very similar to that of a CPA firm owner! Roger started out as an entrepreneur in 4th grade selling candy to his fellow students, and from there realized that he thoroughly enjoyed business.  And with accounting being the language of business, it just made sense to take that direction in college. However, after a few years in accounting he decided that it was time to do something different. It was at that point that he decided to take his previous college professor up on the offer to become a CPA review instructor, and a new career was born. From the Ashes Rises a Leader After many years of being an instructor in his former professor’s CPA review businesses, the review course industry had become much more competitive and unfortunately his employer was not able to continue to make payroll. It was at this point that Roger had a choice to make… continue doing what he loved or go find something new.  Depending on how you look at it, he really did both!  He decided to take what he knew from his many years of instructing experience and form Roger CPA Review in 2001.  With the moral support of his former employer, he was able to scrape together the materials and found that there was definitely still a good market in his area.  Jump forward many years later now, and Roger has what many describe as one of the most entertaining CPA review courses around, thereby making it much easier to remember the materials for those looking for critical assistance with passing the exam. Interested in Roger’s thoughts on best practices, or maybe more details on his own story of success? Make sure to listen in on this interview using the player below:

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Josh LeBlanc

095: Community and Moving Up To Partner – Josh LeBlanc from Edgar Kiker & Cross CPAs

For this episode of Life In Accounting, a podcast production of, we meet with Josh LeBlanc, partner with Edgar Kiker & Cross in Beaumont, Texas. From Entry-level To Partner Josh truly has a work-your-way-up story and we were honored that he was open to sharing it with our audience. Josh’s personal situation was such that he needed to work full-time in a regular job during college, and therefore he didn’t have the opportunity to search out internships because it would cut too much into his work schedule and consequently the living he needed to make.  When he graduated with his Bachelors degree in Accounting though, then it was time to get very serious about finding that first professional position.  Josh recounts the process he went through, but suffice it to say that he was very systematic in his approach and it paid off.  He started as an entry-level staff member at Edgar Kiker & Cross, and not too many years later he was offered the opportunity to become a partner at the firm. Hurricane Harvey While we spend much of the time in this interview covering career-related matters, we also took the opportunity to get Josh’s own personal viewpoint on the devastation that had been caused by Hurricane Harvey there in the Gulf area of Texas just less than a year ago. Luckily he and his family were spared severe damage from the storm, but none the less the whole area was affected.  Josh tells about some of his experiences gathering supplies, helping out neighbors, and dealing with the business delays caused by the simple lack of water.  It took almost 2 weeks before the office itself had a potable water supply!  They were definitely fortunate to be spared even more significant issues given the breadth of the damage that area sustained.  Some areas got over 60 inches of rain. Please make sure to listen in on our discussion with Josh. We definitely wanted to cover the storm experience given the geographical area and what had occurred, but this is also one of our best career-growth related episodes as well. To listen in on this interview with Josh LeBlanc, please use the player below:

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