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Grant Farrell

099: A Career in Business Valuation – Grant Farrell

We get the opportunity to speak with Grant Farrell, ASA, CPA/ABV, CFF, regarding his career progression and how he got into the field of business valuations on this episode of Life In Accounting, a podcast production of The Career Funnel One of the interesting points Grant makes in the early discussion is how being an accounting major in college places you into a “funnel” that assures you excellent career opportunities if you simply take advantage of them. He actually started off in college to be a professional golfer, but then experienced some internal tension regarding his long-term plans, and then later an injury forced the decision that he was not going to be able to pursue professional golf anyway.  It was at this point that he decided to take steps to ensure his long-term career stability – and that step was to major in accounting. Business Valuation Path As we get further into the interview, Grant discusses how he was able to get into the business valuation specialty. It all started with a position with KPMG in audit in the subgroup of “transaction services”.  This early experience positioned him to learn a great deal about business valuation, and launched his career along that trajectory.  He then spent the next decade-plus working in that specialty field. Learning Never Stops While college prepares us well for many facets of our accounting careers, it can’t possibly prepare you for everything. As it turns out, there are many so-called soft skills that are necessary in the business valuation space as well.  When asked about this, Grant basically said that you just have to decide that you will never stop learning.  There is always more to learn as you get deeper into the field.  On the topic of developing soft skills in particular, Grant mentioned one book in particular that individuals should consider – “How To Win Friends and Influence People”.  Make sure to see the link for more details on this well-known book - To listen in on the interview, click on the player below...

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Kim Nourie

098: Life Should be Multi-Dimensional – A Conversation with Kim Nourie, CPA

In this episode of Life In Accounting, a podcast production of, we speak with Kim Nourie, CPA of Financial Life Advisors in San Antonio, Texas, about her early career starting at Arthur Andersen, moving through American Airlines, and then later joining her father’s firm in the financial advising industry! Quite the Journey In this interview like most, we spend the first few minutes weaving our way through Kim’s early career journey. And what variety there was!  Kim started at Arthur Andersen, but then moved into a savings & loan institution for a short time, then spent many years with American Airlines.  While the American Airlines portion of the interview was actually not the main focus, that period of time certainly was filled with a multitude of experiences.  Not only did Kim have the perk of being able to travel practically anywhere in the world at that time, she also got to see much of the company itself by virtue of the fact that she worked in internal audit.  It truly was a great experience for her. Becoming an Advisor In the later years of the accounting portion of her career, Kim started to really question what it was that she wanted out of her life overall. She came to the conclusion that she needed to make a major change, and it was then that she decided to join her father in his business – a financial advising firm.  It was a major move though as she went from being a highly-experienced, and therefore highly-compensated, professional in accounting, to being basically an entry-level person in a new field.  However, fast forward now about 20 years, and it was a move that paid off tremendously.  Kim both greatly enjoys the role she plays in the life of her clients, as well as the change of pace that this new career path has afforded her.  It truly seems like the perfect fit for Kim’s personality and life aspirations.  And had she not started in accounting in the first place, it’s something that likely would not have turned out quite as well as it has.  Her accounting background continues to benefit her to this day – even in the tangent field of financial advising. Make sure you listen all the way to the end on this interview though. Kim shares some of her most valuable advice in the last three questions of the podcast.  You won’t want to miss her ‘best piece of advice’ segment! To join us for this interview with Kim Nourie, please click on the player below:

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