My one regret as a CPA

My One Regret as a CPA

A few weeks ago, I was honored to be able to attend the swearing-in ceremony for new CPAs in Texas.  … read more

Public Accounting Suitability Survey (PASS) assessment

**** <<<< BETA VERSION Dec 2019 >>>> **** This assessment was designed to help determine whether an individual may be … read more


AskMark through our Voice Recorder!

Have a question about your own career journey?  Or maybe you have some feedback on our podcast or website that you … read more

Employees Have Options, Treat Them Well!

As is normal in a longer-term healthy economy, we have seen the job market get ever tighter for employers searching … read more

Standing out at a career fair

How To Stand Out At A School Career Fair

When speaking with an accounting club recently, the topic of how to stand out at a school career fair as … read more

Career is Stalled

My Career Is Stalled. What Now?

If you have ever had this feeling, it can be depressing.  Maybe you have been in the same role for … read more

Super Secret Offer

Special Super Secret Offer for Podcast Listeners

Congratulations!  If you have successfully found this page, it means you are a listener to our podcast and decided to … read more

How Do I Ask For A Raise?

How to approach your boss for a raise is quandary that has existed since practically the beginning of time.  You … read more

“49 Tips For Working With A HEADHUNTER” – by Mark Goldman CPA

Our newest book, a paperback available on Amazon or for immediate delivery right here on our website, is “49 Tips … read more

What If I Don’t Get An Internship?

In the current employment market, at least in the accounting profession, one of the most dependable ways to successfully enter … read more

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