Certifications: Earlier equals easier

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Studing for the CPA exam

Some of our recent podcast episodes have caused me to want to revisit a topic… pursuit of a certification such as the CPA certificate or one of the several other certifications available in the accounting profession. One of the recurring themes we see is that the earlier someone gets their certification (CPA, CIA, CMA, etc) completed, the easier it is for them to complete… not to mention the sooner it starts to pay off in terms of their career advancement and the opportunities that become available. It’s always a challenging thing to fit into an already busy life, but it definitely doesn’t get any easier as time goes on and life becomes even more complex. Work tends to get more involved and generally our family obligations tend to grow as well. So even though it can seem insurmountable to pursue certification after just surviving many years of college education, it truly is the best time to go ahead and get it done.

I’m posting this entry as a form of encouragement for anyone that is considering whether to pursue certification now or to put it off for a while. Do it as early as possible. If you can squeeze out the time and in some way buckle down to prepare, it is definitely the best thing to do. It won’t be easy and it may not be comfortable, but it doesn’t get any easier with time unfortunately either. Life just never really seems to get less busy. The further you get into your career, the more difficult it becomes to dedicate the time necessary to do well on the exam. If at all possible, get it out of the way early. You will never regret that decision.

If you are considering pursuing a certification exam and are unsure where to start, some of these podcasts involving the topic of becoming certified may be helpful:

  • Insights on CPA Review Courses from our Panel of CPAs. Our panel discusses the review course options available in the marketplace as well as some of their tips for successfully preparing for the exam. https://www.whereaccountantsgo.com/lifeinaccounting/060/

  • Belicia Cespedes – Becoming a CPA at 17 years old. Listen to Belicia’s story of how she selected accounting as a career and proceeded to become the youngest person ever to become a CPA. https://www.whereaccountantsgo.com/lifeinaccounting/058/

  • Connie Clark, CPA – From IT to Accounting & The Importance of Mentors. Are you changing careers & joining the accounting profession? Connie shares her career journey with us starting from her initial career in IT, to switching to accounting and passing the CPA exam a little later in life. https://www.whereaccountantsgo.com/lifeinaccounting/042/

I hope these stories can help you find your passion to achieve your dreams if certification is one of your goals.

Have a great week! There’s more to come…

Mark Goldman CPA