My Career Is Stalled. What Now?

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Career is Stalled

If you have ever had this feeling, it can be depressing.  Maybe you have been in the same role for years, or maybe you are looking for something new and you can’t seem to break out of the box where the market wants to place you.  No matter how you have come to this place, it can be frustrating and seem even slightly hopeless if you’re not careful.  How do you break out of the feeling of being ‘stalled’ professionally and get your career back on track?

Below are some actions to consider as you look to get your career moving back in the direction you desire:

  • What have you learned recently? Doing a little more to learn new skills or keep up-to-date is a great way to take your professional destiny into your own hands.  The more you know, the more valuable you become, and the more opportunities you will have.
  • Who have you helped recently? If you feel that you’ve been overlooked for promotion or by potential new employers, think about proactively offering assistance.  It could be for a non-profit, but offering to assist internally within your own company is just as beneficial if not even more so.  Being the individual that is always there to lend a helping hand is a great way to get noticed the next time an opportunity arises.
  • Who have you met recently? If you are doing everything you can within your network, then it’s time to expand your network!  Who have you met recently that you didn’t know a few months ago?  What have you done to get outside of your normal routine and meet new people?  Sometimes if you feel you are being taken for granted by those you know, then it’s time to go meet someone that hasn’t experienced all your strengths yet.  Meeting new people in your profession is a great way to be referred to a new opportunity and get your career back on track.
  • Do you know where you want to go? This may be obvious, but sometimes we want to escape something so badly that we don’t focus on what we want in the long-run.  We get so focused on what we don’t like, that we forget to consider what we truly want.  If you find this happening to you, take some time out to think about what an ideal situation would be long-term.  If you can visualize that the right situation would be, you are more likely to recognize the opportunity when it comes up, or maybe even attract the right opportunity to you.

If you read the above items and realize that you haven’t fully engaged on one or more, then there is definitely something you can do to better your situation.  For most people there will be some action you can take, and for the minority of individuals that don’t see an area to work on, I would suggest reconsidering the list.  For most of us, there is always more we can learn, more we can help, or more we can do to expand our network.

Until next time, as always, I wish you the best in your career!

Mark Goldman CPA

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