“49 Tips For A Successful Accounting Career” by Mark Goldman CPA

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49 Tips For A Successful Accounting Career

For this book, we took some of the best advice from our first 100 episodes of our “Life In Accounting” podcast, and combined it with some of the insights I have gained through working with accounting professionals to better their careers in the last 20+ years.

“49 Tips for a Successful Accounting Career” is organized in individual 1-3 page sections for each tip, making it an easy book to read whether all in one sitting or just a few pages at a time.  Plus, it has been professionally illustrated as well in order to add additional dimension to each section of the book.

And if you are later on in your career, I’m sure you will find some truth in the content for yourself as well!

Please order by using the Paypal link below. (NO Paypal account is needed)

Also available on Amazon – search for “49 Tips For A Successful Accounting Career”.

I look forward to hearing what you think!