E-Tips: Employers – 7 Key Tips for Optimizing Phone Interviews

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7 Key Tips For Optimizing Phone Interviews - Where Accountants Go


Are phone interviews a part of your hiring process?

If not, why not?  Do you find it difficult to use them productively without losing potentially ideal candidates?  Or do you have difficulty perhaps with the lack of meeting the individual in-person?

Or if you do use phone interviews regularly, are you comfortable with the effectiveness of this step?  Does it end up simply being a casual conversation, or do you have structure around this part of the process?

Phone interviews can be an excellent time-saving tool, but when used inappropriately or without pre-planning, they may cause you to actually LOSE the best candidates available.

If you would like to improve on the quality and effectiveness of your phone screening process, order our 2-page electronic tips sheet on how to optimize your phone interview process by using the link below:

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