“Harlon Blake, CPA: A Challenging Career” by Carl S. Chilton Jr.

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Harlon Blake CPA A Challenging Career

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One of the benefits I have received from hosting the podcast is the opportunity to speak with movers-and-shakers in the accounting profession, and sometimes even living legends.  That was the case when I interviewed Carl S. Chilton Jr., one of the two founders of the successful Rio Grande Valley Texas firm of Long Chilton.  If you haven’t yet heard that particular episode, you definitely should look in the archives to listen in on my conversation with Carl.  He was in his 90’s at the time of the recording, and I was extremely, extremely honored that he would take the time to speak with us.

One of Carl’s passions both during his working years and in retirement was writing.  He has written several books, many of which are related to the history of the area of South Texas where he lives.  However, he also wrote an interesting fictional account of the life of a CPA in public practice in a small town firm: “Harlon Blake, CPA: A Challenging Career”.

I recommend this book not only because I interviewed Carl, but because I think it is a good book for anyone considering accounting as a career.  It applies primarily to public practice, but I think it would be a good exercise in thinking about your career even for those potential accountants that are considering working in industry.  And given that it’s told in story form, it’s actually a pretty easy read in addition to being entertaining.

Check it out on Amazon through this affiliate link: https://amzn.to/2PHKkTS