“Hiring For Accounting: A Comprehensive Guide to Filling Accounting-Related Positions” (ebook) by Mark Goldman CPA

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Hiring For Accounting ebook

This guide comprehensively outlines all the key factors and steps to consider when filling an accounting role.

From screening, to the nuances of an effective interview, to managing expectations, to securing an accepted offer, this comprehensive guide is meant to walk you through the process to a successful hire.

Even for employers that frequently fill accounting positions, this guide will give you additional valuable insight into the perceptions of the job seeker regarding hiring processes.  A strong thorough screening process is important, but having insight into how the job seeker perceives the process and reacts to it can be equally important.

“Hiring for Accounting: A Comprehensive Guide to Filling Accounting-Related Positions” is a 45-page electronic book (e-book) written by Mark Goldman, a CPA and employment consultant with over 25 years in the industry.  It’s meant to make your hiring processes easier, more productive, and end with better long-term results.

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