Dana Garnett

160: From CPA to Mediator and Conflict Strategist – Dana Garnett

Dana Garnett, CPA turned mediator, speaker, and conflict strategist, joined us for this episode of Life In Accounting, the Where … read more

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Bridget Kaigler

159: Bringing Leadership Back – An Interview with Bridget Kaigler

Bridget Kaigler, an accomplished state & local tax expert in the Louisiana area that is also making a difference in … read more

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Bethany Eggleston

158: Exploring the field of Project Management with Bethany Eggleston CPA

Bethany Eggleston, a CPA whose career journey took her into the field of project management, shares her insights on the … read more

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Adriana Carpenter

152: Investing in Your Career & Ringing The Bell! An Interview With Adriana Carpenter

Adriana Carpenter, the Chief Accounting Officer for Ping Identity, a company in Colorado that just recently went public, joined us … read more

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Stefanie Cavanaugh

149: From Auditor to Medical Industry CFO – Stefanie Cavanaugh, CPA

Stefanie Cavanaugh in Austin, Texas, joined us to share her career journey moving from a national accounting firm audit position, … read more

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Anoop Mehta

148: From Intern to President – Anoop Mehta CPA

Anoop Mehta, CPA and President of Science Systems and Applications Incorporated, joined us for this episode of Life In Accounting, … read more

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Natasha Schamberger

128: Working In Service to the Profession – Natasha Schamberger, CPA

Natasha Schamberger, CPA and CEO of the Kansas Society of CPAs, joined us for this episode of Life In Accounting, … read more

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Joseph Rugger

127: Structuring the Totally Remote Career – Joseph Rugger CPA

Joseph Rugger, a CPA that has been able to structure his work life to be 100% remote, joined us for … read more

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Lindsay Stevenson

124: Perseverance, Determination, & Building a Dream – Lindsay Stevenson CPA

Lindsay Stevenson, a CPA, VP of Finance, and consulting firm owner in South Dakota, joined us for this episode of … read more

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Chris Rosas

109: VP of Global Tax & Treasury – Chris Rosas of Rackspace

Chris Rosas, the Vice President of Global Tax & Treasury with Rackspace, joined us for this episode of Life In … read more

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