Amy Pitter from MSCPA

141: Amy Pitter – Making a Difference in the Governmental Sector, Plus a Discussion on D&I

Amy Pitter, the President and CEO for the Massachusetts CPA Society, and former Commissioner for the Massachusetts Department of Revenue, … read more

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Kurt Rathmann of ScaleFactor

140: Kurt Rathmann of ScaleFactor – Growing the Team 5x, Plus an Update on Marge!

Kurt Rathmann, founder of ScaleFactor in Austin, Texas, re-joined us for an update show on this episode of Life In … read more

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Chris Hooper of Accodex

139: An Interview with Australian Accounting Entrepreneur Chris Hooper of Accodex

Chris Hooper from Accodex joined us for this episode of Life In Accounting, the Where Accountants Go podcast.  In addition … read more

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Greg Ogburn

138: Serving the Profession and the Public – Greg Ogburn

Greg Ogburn, CPA and Co-Executive Director of the Panhandle Chapter of the Texas Society of CPAs (TXCPA), joined us to … read more

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Don Maranca of JDSM Enterprises

137: Starting, Growing, and Systemizing A Business – Going Deeper with Don Maranca

Don Maranca, originally our guest for episode number 1 (!), rejoined us for this new episode of Life In Accounting, … read more

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Jim Wallace of BPM

136: Focus On Others – An Interview With Jim Wallace, CEO of BPM

Jim Wallace, the CEO of BPM, a top 50 national CPA firm, joined us to share the story of his … read more

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Joey Havens

135: Executive Partner with Horne LLP – Joey Havens

Joey Havens, Executive Partner with Horne LLP, a large, regional firm with a national footprint, shared his time with us … read more

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Running 3 businesses raising 2 kids

134: Running 3 Businesses, Raising 2 Kids – Amanda Aguillard CPA

Amanda Aguillard, founder of three accounting-related businesses in the New Orleans area, and more importantly a mother of two wonderful … read more

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Erin Daiber of Well Balanced Accountants

133: Coaching for CPA Candidates & Accountants Looking For Career Growth – Erin Daiber from Well Balanced Accountants

Erin Daiber, founder of Well Balanced Accountants, a coaching business specifically serving the accounting profession, joined us for this episode … read more

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Byron Patrick CPA

132: Mixing Accounting, Technology, and Tattoos – Byron Patrick CPA

Byron Patrick, a CPA whose career has been built in technology, joined us for this episode of Life In Accounting, … read more

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