100: Book Announcement, but first… Thank You!

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Book Announcement and Thank You!

As we release this 100th episode of Life In Accounting, a podcast production of WhereAccountantsGo.com, we are excited to also have just released our first book on Amazon – “49 Tips for a Successful Accounting Career”!  This book launch has been in the works for a long time, so it’s very exciting and refreshing to be able to make this announcement.  But before we get into the details there is something way, way, way more important to address…

More Important Things First…

Before I talk about the book, I want to say a very sincere thank you to all of our listeners and all of our podcast guests.  As this 100th episode comes out, we have crossed the 60,000 download mark and are actually close to passing the 70,000 download mark as well.  These last 2 years have been an amazing ride!  I’ve been so fortunate to be able to speak with so many successful professionals that started their careers in the accounting field.

Thank you to all our listeners for continuing to join us each week to listen in on the vast variety of career opportunities that exist in the accounting world. And a big thank you to all our podcast guests that have so openly shared their insights for the benefit of all of us over the last couple years.  I very much appreciate everyone being so generous with their time, and I’m looking forward to the future guests we will be able to bring on the program because our initial guests were willing to help us out in the early days.

And yes, a book!

As I mentioned, I’m also very excited to share that our first book was just published. If you enjoy the podcast, you will enjoy the book.  We took the insights that we’ve gathered from all our guest and combined them with some of the items that have come up over time in my own accounting-employment career, and condensed them down into these ‘49 Tips’.

You can find it on Amazon by <clicking here>.

If you do decide to check out the book, I’d love to hear any feedback you have! Absolutely any thoughts you have would be much appreciated.  Please email me at [email protected].

Once again…

Once again, thank you, thank you, thank you for continuing to tune in for our weekly podcast. I so appreciate you all.  I love recording each show, and I appreciate that you get value out of the program as well each week.

Next week we will return to our normal programming… stay tuned for an incredibly interesting guest in the forensic accounting area.

See you next week! There’s more to come…

Mark Goldman CPA
Where Accountants Go

PS: If you prefer to order direct, please use the Paypal link below. No Paypal account needed!