003: An interview with Hector Hernandez – From Accountant to Financial Advisor

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Hector Hernandez - From Accountant to Financial Advisor

Welcome Hector Hernandez to Life In Accounting, the Where Accountants Go podcast.

Hector was an excellent guest to interview. He shared career-related insight that has contributed to his own success in the many facets of his professional life, but also some general life philosophy that has served him well also over the years.

Hector’s career started in industry – in fact in cost accounting – then took him into public accounting with Arthur Andersen. After that firm disbanded he faced a decision – what did he want to do with his career going forward?

Join us for this episode of Life in Accounting where Hector shares his decision to go into financial planning and his career leading up to that, as well as a few words of wisdom about the power of ‘saying yes.’

To reach Hector Hernandez directly, you may email [email protected] or call 210-325-0717.

Stay tuned for another interview podcast shortly… there’s more to come!

To listen to this interview, please use the player below or Youtube.