005: Michael Tompkins CPA of CPA Tech Group

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In this episode of Life In Accounting, the Where Accountants Go podcast, I sat down with Michael Tompkins, CPA, of CPA Tech Group.

Michael’s career transition…

Michael started at his parent’s CPA firm in Houston but quickly moved into systems work. He has degrees in both accounting and information systems from Texas A&M, which made it easier for him to enter the IT arena.  After working in IT audit for a few years with Deloitte, he felt a calling to start his own IT consulting firm in New Braunfels when visiting family and decided to start CPA Tech Group in 2013.

We’re all in sales…

One of the nuggets of wisdom that Michael shares is that we all are in sales in some way or another, and particularly if you are self-employed. Many people start a business by building infrastructure and overhead prior to making the first sale.  Michael is a believer in quite the opposite – building the sales first.

Michael’s friend – Mr. Wonderful…

Well maybe friend is too strong a word, but Michael does share his experience meeting Kevin O’Leary, aka Mr. Wonderful from Shark Tank. While attending a peer group workshop – the benefits of which we could do a whole separate podcast on – he was able to hear insight and advice from the Shark Tank investor himself.

Michael talks about many other professional issues such as the value of certification as well as how to improve your public speaking ability, but it’s difficult to summarize a 30 minute show in just a few show notes. It’s best to listen to get the full context.

If you are interested in speaking with Michael or finding out more about his company and service, please visit his website at www.cpatechgroup.com.  His company helps CPA firms handle manage their information technology needs in both San Antonio and Austin.

I hope you enjoy. We have more to come soon!


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