014: Chris Williams CPA – Family, Community, and Personal Growth

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Chris Williams CPA

Our guest this week was Chris Williams CPA of the CPA firm Williams Crow Mask (WCM).

WCM is a 3rd generation firm in San Antonio that was built on the core purpose of “having a positive impact”.  It was clear throughout our interview that the positive impact Chris referred to was not just on the outside community, but within the firm as well as evidenced by the high number of long-term employees WCM has been able to retain.

“I’m flattered, but no thanks”

Chris comes from a family of CPAs – his grandfather, father, and mother were all in the accounting profession. However, and perhaps because of this, Chris initially avoided accounting as his career of choice.  His career actually started in the investment industry.  After joining an investment advising firm and becoming introduced to tax preparation through that position, he eventually decided that it would be a good opportunity to join his family’s practice as a part of a succession plan as well as to take advantage of the opportunity to spend more time with his parents.

“Surround yourself with good people and try to learn from them”

One of the themes that flows throughout the interview is that Chris very much appreciates the opportunity to work with their team each and every day.  He’s very sincere about how fortunate he feels to be a part of the leadership of this firm that was founded by his grandfather in the 1950’s.

“Try to improve yourself everyday”

Another philosophy that is very apparent with Chris is that although the firm is decades old, he definitely doesn’t now, and likely never will, feel they have “arrived”.   Chris is a big believer in constant learning and working to improve yourself on an ongoing basis.

I’m sure you will thoroughly enjoy this episode.

If you would like to contact Chris, he can be reached at 210-684-1071, or by email at [email protected].

Have a great week! There’s more to come…

Mark Goldman CPA
President – Where Accountants Go


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