016: Mark Rich – Accounting Is A Solid Career Choice

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Mark Rich, CPA & Director of Investments with Kimbell Art Foundation in Fort Worth, was our guest for this week’s episode of Life In Accounting. This episode was a little different in that while we talked about Mark’s career journey, we also took a deep dive into the demographic statistics of the CPA profession in Texas.

Volunteer efforts

Mark has been involved heavily in the Accounting Careers Education committee for the Fort Worth Chapter of TSCPA. In this capacity, he has been instrumental in getting professionals to do career-potential presentations at both the community college level as well as at the four-year universities.

In addition, Mark volunteered to do a demographic analysis of the CPA workforce in Texas for the purposes of analyzing how baby-boomer retirements and the entry rate of millennials into the profession may ultimately affect the workforce. There are several conclusions that can be drawn from the analysis, and Mark goes into some of those possibilities in the audio interview.

The importance of a positive influence…

Another theme that flows throughout this interview is the importance of a positive career role model. Mark has had the benefit of many role models in both his professional and personal life. His grandfather, father, two uncles, and even his twin brother are CPAs, not to mention a few in his wife’s family as well.  Plus, he credits much of his recent professional development to his boss at the foundation – Brenda Cline.

This episode contains more analytical discussion than our typical shows, but the implications are important to consider – even for your own personal career. If you would like to reach Mark for more information, he can easily be reached through LinkedIn (Mark Rich – Dallas/Fort Worth area)

I hope you enjoy! Have a great week!

Mark Goldman CPA
President – Where Accountants Go


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