017: Jim Oliver – Taking Risk in Business, & Looking Forward with TSCPA

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The incoming Chair for TSCPA, Jim Oliver, joined us this week on Life In Accounting: The Where Accountants Go podcast.

Not Being Afraid of Risk

If you’ve interacted with Jim before, this may surprise you somewhat. Jim is a very conscientious, caring, and seemingly cautious individual, but if you look at his career he has taken several calculated risks that ended up working out well for him in business.

Although he references “five or six” other ventures that failed, he successfully built Financial Life Advisors into a well-recognized and respected financial planning organization, as well as Jim Oliver & Associates, a successful niche CPA firm that recently merged with Calvetti Ferguson out of Houston. Jim’s role in the newly-merged organization is that of a Partner in their High Net Worth Practice, which matches his pre-merger specialty.

TSCPA – Growth Through Service

Although Jim worked in public accounting prior to starting his practice, he worked entirely in audit and then started a practice comprised primarily of tax work. It was at this point that he decided to get involved with TSCPA in order to expand his tax knowledge through both continuing education and through volunteering in tax-related committee work such as representing the Chapter on call-in radio programs answering tax questions from the public.

The upcoming years with TSCPA

In this episode Jim talks about some of his goals for these next few years of service to TSCPA. His overarching goal though is to help TSCPA move forward in the direction as desired by the members.  Among his planned efforts are: 1) continuing to facilitate student relationships, 2) strengthening outreach to the Big 4 firms, 3) expanding communications with the Chapters, and 4) serving as a resource in any way needed by the new CEO of TSCPA – Jodi Ann LaFreniere Ray.

So much more to say…

Although Jim is a very humble individual, he is also a very accomplished individual. There is much more I could write about his career in particular, but in order to get the best value out of the insight he shares it’s best to hear it for yourself in the audio podcast.

I know you will thoroughly enjoy our interview with Jim.

Please enjoy… there’s more to come!

Mark Goldman CPA
President – Where Accountants Go

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