028: Jesse Dominguez CPA – Growth through service & staying the course

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Jesse Dominguez

Jesse Dominguez, CPA and CFO for the Texas Trucking Association, joined us this week on Life In Accounting: The Where Accountants Go podcast.

Middle school!

We generally start out the podcast interview finding out how our guest had decided to pursue accounting as a career, and as you can guess we get many different answers. Jesse’s was a first though. Jesse became aware of the profession in middle school when a couple CPAs visited their school for a short presentation. Jesse admittedly doesn’t remember many of the details of the talk, but obviously it made an impression on him and he decided to take accounting in high school and major in it later at St. Edwards in Austin.

Staying the Course…

One of the items you will notice about Jesse’s career in the interview is that he’s been with the Texas Trucking Association for 20 years. Over that time his role has changed, both in title and responsibilities. His story is a good example of how sometimes it makes sense to look for growth within your own organization and give it 100% in order to be the natural choice when those opportunities do become available.

Diversification and service

You’ll hear towards the end of the interview that while the CFO role obviously comes with a high level of responsibility, Jesse has made sure that he remains well-rounded through other service efforts and side business projects. He’s very active with the Texas Society of CPAs, has served as Treasurer at his church for many years, assists another local Austin business as their part-time CFO, and he maintains a small tax practice servicing clients on the side. It sounds like he definitely doesn’t get bored. 

Jesse is another good example of how you can grow a very successful career through positions in industry. I hope you enjoy this interview… there’s more to come!

Mark Goldman CPA
President – Where Accountants Go

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