032: Michael Berlanga – CPA, Would-be Priest, Christian Chamber President, & Political Candidate!

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Michael Berlanga

Michael Berlanga, CPA, owner of Resolutions Now and recent Republican candidate for the Bexar County Appraisal District, joined us for this episode of Life In Accounting: The Where Accountants Go podcast.

Humble beginnings…

Michael got started down the road to become an accountant at a young age. Although his original thoughts were to go to seminary, his father passed away unexpectedly when Michael was only 14 years old and therefore he decided he needed to get through school and into a career as quickly as possible. Accounting ended up being that career choice.

Moving fast…

You will likely catch onto this theme early in the podcast, but just in case you don’t, Michael definitely isn’t one to sit still or be satisfied with moving at an average pace. He graduated in 3 years from Central Catholic High School, graduated from college in 3 years as well, and then left public accounting around the age of 24 due to feeling “burned out” because he felt like he wasn’t able to move up as fast as he felt he should. This drive led him into pursuing self-employment in both real estate and accounting services as a method of speeding up his career progression and going at his own pace.

And eventually… politics!

About 10 years ago Michael was approached by a pastor friend about running for City Council, a move that led him to making the connections that landed him as a Senior Advisor to Texas Representative John Garza for a little over a year. That activity eventually expanded into taking the chance on running for a state senate seat as well as the county tax assessor-collector position. While neither campaign panned out, there are definitely some insights you can gain from the story of the experience that Michael shares.

Christian Business Chamber

Michael also serves as the President of the Christian Business Chamber of Commerce, a San Antonio based organization. You’ll pick this up during sections of the interview as well that continuing to grow this organization that is a blend of two very important areas of his life, faith and business, is high on his priority list. I wasn’t clear if he would continue to pursue political offices, but it was obvious that growing the Chamber was going to be an ongoing pursuit.

There are several insights about career, business, and overall life in this episode. I hope you enjoy. There’s more to come!

Mark Goldman CPA
President – Where Accountants Go

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