033: Carolyn Newman, CPA & Owner of Audimation

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Carolyn Newman

Carolyn Newman, the owner of Audimation Services in Houston, Texas, joined us for this week’s episode of Life In Accounting: The Where Accountants Go podcast.

Bachelors in Speech!

As with most of our guests, I asked Carolyn to recount the story of how she got into accounting in the first place. Carolyn tells the story of how her options were a little limited when going through school, and she actually initially majored in Speech. It was her first boss though that influenced her to consider getting an accounting degree. She had started in a payroll role and moved into cost accounting, and it was that manager that advised her that her options would be limited without the formal accounting education. It was at that point that she decided to return to school and get her MBA in Accountancy.

Systems training…

It was at another juncture in her career that education once again made a difference. Carolyn was progressing in an audit career as information systems auditing was becoming more and more important. She decided to go ahead and get the additional training that it would take to become a systems audit expert, and that ended up launching her career forward in that specialty. When her firm at the time, Seidman & Seidman, required that she move to a different office, she decided to strike out on her own and start her own practice – a move that eventually led to forming Audimation.

Audit + Automation

As Carolyn states in the interview, Audimation is a name she created by combining ‘audit’ and ‘automation’. She had been working in the audit world and using IDEA software in her own practice, and eventually became recognized as a subject matter expert in the use of that software as a way of automating data analysis and audit functions. So as that part of her practice grew, she eventually decided to move away from providing the traditional accounting firm services of tax and audit and instead go full-time with the software business – a choice that has paid off well for Carolyn. Audimation currently employs about 40 people and continues to thrive.

This interview is yet another that really has something for everyone. Carolyn shares insight that is helpful to individuals in both public and industry accounting, as well as those looking to build a successful business. It was an honor to be able to interview Carolyn, and I’m sure you will get a lot of value out of the episode.

Until next week… there’s more to come!

Mark Goldman CPA
President – Where Accountants Go

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