090: Founder of GrowthForce – Stephen King, CPA, CGMA

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Stephen King

In this episode of Life In Accounting: The Where Accountants Go podcast, we speak with Stephen King CPA, CGMA, and founder of GrowthForce, a leading cloud-based accounting service business for both commercial businesses and non-profits.

The Value of Accounting Knowledge and a Diverse Background

Early in his life, specifically high school, Stephen learned that accounting was an excellent career choice for several reasons:

1)  He would always be able to find work. People ALWAYS need their books taken care of properly, no matter what the industry is – including rock-n-roll! (Listen to the audio & you’ll see what we mean)

2) If you are trying to get a new position and you know how to read a P&L, you are much more valuable to the company because accounting is the language of business.

3) In accounting, you are key to helping companies increase their bottom line.

Also, while there is definitely value for some individuals in staying with the same organization long-term, Stephen decided to take a different route and worked in many diverse organizations. Those included small businesses, one of the Big 4 firms (EY), not-for-profits, and even a position in fundraising! This diverse background has served him well in the consulting industry.

What Does Success Look Like Going Forward?

As a trusted advisor, Stephen truly is living his dream and feels very fortunate, but he is always adding new challenges and goals for himself. He enjoys continuing to expand GrowthForce. And his one piece of advice for our podcast audience is to get your CPA license. It will give you instant credibility and open many doors along the way in your career.

Ready to learn more? Check out Stephen King’s ebook, the CEO’s Guide to Cashflow.

To listen in on this interview with Stephen King, please use the player below: