112: New Year Special – Revisiting Our Conversation With Harriet Helmle, CPA and Founder of SA Youth Literacy

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Harriet Marmon Helmle

For this first episode of 2019, we revisited one of our early shows – number 10 in fact!

Harriet Helmle, a CPA, the Director of Client Relations with Covenant Multi-Family Offices, and the Founder of San Antonio Youth Literacy, had joined us to share the story of her career journey as well as the very inspiring recollection of how SAYL came into existence.

Harriet was a joy to interview, and given her commitment to the community as well as her profession, we figured it would be a great story to re-share as everyone is considering their goals for the new year. Harriet founded San Antonio Youth Literacy during a time of great personal difficulty in her own life.  She was going through health issues that had caused her to not be able to work full-time, but through that adversity she found the determination and motivation to start this not-for-profit organization that helps young disadvantaged children learn to read.  Although they started with just one school, they now serve many campuses and include students from very early ages all the way through second grade.  Without the efforts of all their volunteers, these children would lack the reading capabilities to succeed in school and life.

If you are considering how you want to impact the community, whether through a similar program or something entirely different, Harriet’s story will be extremely timely and inspiring for you.

And if you decide you’d like to learn more about San Antonio Youth Literacy, please visit http://sayl.org/!

Happy New Year! Stay tuned next week for our newest episode of Life In Accounting.  There’s more to come…