147: Book Launch! “49 Tips For Working With A Headhunter”

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49 Tips For Working With A Headhunter

This is a much shorter episode we produced specifically to highlight the launch of our most recent book:  “49 Tips For Working With A Headhunter”.

In this second book, we cover tips for both employers and job seekers.  The purpose in releasing “49 Tips For Working With A Headhunter” was for individuals to understand more about how the industry works from the inside, so that they can get the best results possible no matter which side of the desk they are on.

Topics that are covered for job seekers include…

  • The truth about whether or not salary should be discussed
  • How working through a headhunter really works
  • And how to get the best match, among other topics

Topics that are covered for employers include…

  • What the fee truly covers and why it really is an investment
  • What to expect in terms of services that should, and perhaps shouldn’t, be provided
  • How to make sure the headhunter really understands what you need

And the best part of this episode, is that for listeners that listen to the entire show, we have a special offer at the end!  Please listen to the audio below for a special offer just for our podcast audience.  Or, if you prefer to order from Amazon, please click here.

See you next week!  There’s more to come…